Tip of the day: To stay in an alkaline state of being and achieve long term weight loss to keep energy levels kinetic, it’s a good idea to infuse 1 gallon of water with:

This way, your energy levels stay up to snuff, while striving for excellence to stay on track with your side hustle duties.

Building side hustles online require more energy and persistence vs. working a traditional, cushy day job. Especially, when you have a specific goal in mind beyond just achieving passive income.

Drinking infused water with these ingredients will help you lose weight, regain vitality, and stay the course in your content marketing side hustle operations. More energy means more affiliate income potential.



Facts: Less consumption of meat will contribute to increased libido, improved progress in losing weight, and having more endurance to create more content for your internet based side hustles.

As your side hustle grows, it’s required as an unwritten rule to do the transformation eating and fitness work, out of “inspiration or desperation.”

You must eat right as a healthcare investment made in yourself.

There’s no guarantee of success as a digital entrepreneur, especially when your health is wacked out.

Rerail yourself by eating healthier, when out and about at the hibachi buffet, or any restaurant. Your mind and body will thank you later down the road, in addition to having more sustainability to create content and manage your online business better.




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