#FoodBlogging: Turning Passion Into a Future #SideHustle Million Dollar #Blog Project

Facts: With an ambitious mind, endurance and unlimited creativity, you can go from employee to side hustle millionaire online entrepreneur using a combination of affiliate marketing and blogging to transform your life financially.

A Quora user is curious about food blogging and using it as a side hustle to work from home and create multiple streams of passive income.

The Quora user asks:

Q: What are some interesting post ideas for a cooking blog in 2020?

A: The first initial action step you need to take is purchasing a domain name. This can’t be stressed enough as it’s been mentioned in previous articles. A food related domain name can have a food related keyword in it. As the topic of your blog is narrowed only to food, it’s a good idea to have a food related keyword in your domain. It helps your blog to potentially get a better index in Bing, Google and YaHoO!.

Once your food blog related domain name is secured, the second initial action step you need to take is reserving dedicated web hosting by visiting the link above to get started. A dedicated server is the ideal business solution for your food related blog as they will have more than enough resources to help your blog and thousands of blog readers pointed at once.

Third, you need to stick to a regular blog postings schedule. If you decide to host a food blog three days a week, make a schedule and commit to those days out the week so that you know just to write and publish food blog content. It’s a good idea to get yourself a durable digital camera so you can take photos and videos of your food before posting blogs.

Now that you working on securing a domain name, dedicated web hosting, having a self hosted version of WordPress installed on your dedicated server and a digital camera, you need to get in the entrepreneurial content marketing mindset of writing at lease 1,500 words or more in everything blog at least three times a week for 2 to 3 years consistently. Search engines rank and position blogs higher in organic, unpaid search engine results pages that have longer content known as “Evergreen content.” In other words, the longer you’re food blogs are, the higher ranking you’ll have in search engines and the more free traffic you’ll benefit from years to come.

Some interesting full post ideas are taking photos and videos of yourself putting together healthy meals whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. Or showing people how to put a healthy meal together step-by-step. If you food related blog shows people how to do something or solve their dysfunctional eating habits, you’ll be viewed as an expert for the blogger-vlogger and a goal to person for answers. Remember that you have to stay committed to creating “lots and lots of content,” by doing the transformation business content marketing work out of inspiration or desperation.

Content is King and as long as you’re posting content regularly to your blog, you’ll increase your traffic and your affiliate revenue potential.

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Affiliate links are included in all articles. Publisher receives commission when you purchase something. View inspiring content: https://drewrynewsnetwork.com.

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Affiliate links are included in all articles. Publisher receives commission when you purchase something. View inspiring content: https://drewrynewsnetwork.com.

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