#Pinterest: Three Biggest Mistakes Pinners Make

Pinterest is by far one of the giants like Bing, Google, and Yahoo in being a delicate and unique search engine. Ben Silbermann, founder of Pinterest and former Google employee who was once an aspiring doctor, found it the site off of the strength of using it as an invite only community and having it exclusively for his inner circle of family, friends, and other people he personally knew. Like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Silverman allegedly had no intention of the world gaining interest in his once small potato pinboard community. Taking a dip on the wild side and a deep swim into the entrepreneurial abyss, he started the search engine Pinterest which was once a failure and now a billion-dollar business today. By far, he proves that anyone can start a business online from small potatoes to greatness. Pinterest not only allows people from all walks of life to pin things dear to their heart to customize pin boards, but also allows businesses to take advantage of the opportunity of using the world’s most famous pinboard search engine to build their businesses and get free traffic.

It’s no secret Pinterest is not only helping businesses of all sizes get free traffic, but also helping them to quietly get rich. It’s possible for anyone including the employee looking to transition to entrepreneur working this side hustle to use Pinterest for free traffic and making money full-time. Learning the ins and outs of the world’s most famous pinboard community search engine is somewhat mind-boggling in the beginning. You will make mistakes starting out and that’s okay. You can’t learn unless you fail, right? With that said, failing using Pinterest for business will turn out to be a valuable and priceless experience for you if you stay the course and continue learning how it can benefit your business. Am I saying all of this correctly so far and is it getting through to you mentally?

Here’s three huge mistakes people make on Pinterest when pinning to their pin boards:

  1. Uploading images with no content in the Pinterest pin description section. This is a huge mistake for lazy affiliate marketers and side hustle bloggers who resort to Easy Street thinking they can add a URL address with an Associated image and don’t have to add content in that small box. Truth of the matter is, you need content in that section and here’s why. Adding content in your PIN description section will get you crawled and indexed by Bing, Google, and YaHoO! and indexed in search engine results pages. Additionally, your Pinterest pins will be indexed in the major search engines for the entire life of the pin. In other words, if that pinis active in your pin board for 20 years, it’ll be available and searchable in all major search engines for the next 20 years until you delete it. This is why you need to add content in the description section because the content you add in there will not only get you index by search engines, but also increase the probability of you getting traffic years to come from search engines and people searching in Pinterest for relevant content. Are you listening? Are you getting what I’m trying to tell you?
  2. Not adding hashtags in the body of your Pinterest pin descriptions. This will kill your chances of leveraging more Pinterest traffic if you don’t add the number sign to relevant words and phrases in the description section of your pins. Make it a habit to use your smartphone or a speech recognition program installed on your computer to use your voice to write natural content for every Pinterest pin description and add hashtags every time before you pin those pins to your pinboards. Doing so will allow you to show up often in Pinterest searches for specific content. Moreover, it increases traffic to your Pinterest profile and increases the probability of people repinning your pins, resulting in improved search engine optimization, traffic, and affiliate advertising Revenue. This is why it’s important not to overlook things such as adding relevant hashtags to search terms and specific keywords in the body of every Pinterest description. Are you really listening or are you just reading this and letting it go in one ear and out the other?
  3. This one is really the biggest mistake marketers inside Hustlers make when creating Pinterest Rich pins.No, but they fail to fill up the entire description section with quality written content. In other words, if that description section can hold approximately 120 words and you’re writing only less than 7 words for every Pinterest description pin, then you’re basically losing out on traffic and better indexing in search engines. Lazy marketers and Easy Street bloggers looking to earn a fast buck and just get a pin indexed will only write a few words without filling up the entire description section. You’re cheating yourself and your business when you do this. If you don’t like typing on your keyboard and have your smartphone, all you need to do is pull up Google Docs, tap the little microphone, play with the voice recognition function by talking into your phone in a blank Google Docs document, copy and paste the words that you wrote, and paste that into your pin description section. Would you believe me if I told you this entire article was written in a Google Docs draft document using a smartphone? None of the words you’re reading or manually typed. These words are spoken in to a smartphone and published into this medium article which is why the length of this article is quite long. You need to do the same thing for your Pinterest pin descriptions in regard to using your smartphone to write more content for your pins. Your business will benefit from better SEO, more repins, and increased probability of people commenting on your pins and benefiting from increased advertising revenue. Don’t be lazy. Take time to add as many words and phrases relevant to the content of your blog post or web page in that pin description section. You’ll be glad you did so years down the road.

Hopefully, you got something out of reading this article about using Pinterest for business. It’s not to be overlooked because your site needs more traffic. You can’t afford to pay for paid online advertising services and using PPC as a means of driving traffic. Pay-per-click is definitely effective, but it gets quite costly. This is why you need to change your way of thinking now and use Pinterest strategically for your online traffic strategies. It’s a virtual goldmine for everyone that uses it the right way. Now that you’re inspired after reading this article, go try your hand now and see how Pinterest can work for your online side hustle business.

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