#SideHustle: 5 Things You Need to Know About #Blogging

Where is job security in America today? Really. Where is it? I said truth to know is that we’re living in today’s era of information technology and employment uncertainty. It doesn’t matter what type of college degree you have. Not even a PhD. If someone doesn’t like you on the job for whatever reason or have it out for you because you’re different from others, they will quietly seek to have your position of employment terminated with or without cause wrongfully. That’s life. The good news is you don’t have to settle for sloppy seconds from your narcissist employer nor accept crappy jobs as a means of taking home a paycheck. Starting a business in your spare time as a side hustle by working online seems to be an ideal way to supplement your existing income. Believe it or not, blogging is quietly helping people to turn a side hustle into a full-time work from home business and achieve financial freedom, without ever going back to the past and working a day job ever again.

What a beautiful feeling it is to work on a passionate business project as a labor of love and watch it sprout in as little as 2 to 3 years from inception. This is very possible for you if you believe and build from the ground floor up. Side hustle blogging can be your ticket to never going back to a day job ever again and having more free time in your life to do as you please. Blogging as a side hustle can open doors never imagined.

Here’s five things you need to know about blogging as a side hustle:

  1. Your narcissist employer wants you to believe and feel starting your own business will never work for you. They want you to stay at the company and quietly enslave your mind into making more money for them. They don’t want you to leave because you’re an asset to them, but treat you less of a person in front of others including customers and employees. Discussing your problems in blog posts as a side hustle will help you not only build your content-based side business from the ground floor up, but also overcome feelings felt in the moment from your narcissistic employer. In other words, you’ll be using their adverse treatment as motivation and a reason to boost your search engine rankings. You have a lot to thank them for when you look at the bigger picture about blogging as a side hustle.
  2. You can work your side hustle blogging business from anywhere. And that includes your smartphone. As long as you have an internet WiFi connection anywhere you go, you can easily pull up Google Docs application on your smartphone screen, activate the speech recognition function, and use the power of your voice to create content at light speed. Blogging releases you from confinement of an office and releases you from the confinement of a day job. You can earn a potential full-time income from side hustle blogging with your smartphone as long as you stay consistent with your daily content creation.
  3. You can become a side hustle blogging millionaire. It doesn’t matter what you’ve been through in your life or how many people lied to you and promise you the world. It doesn’t matter how many family members slandered you either. What matters most a few launcher blocking project on the side is creating rich valuable content to satisfy your target blog reading audience, keep your audience engaged in longevity, and find the best converting advertisements for your blog so you can maximize your online profit potential. It is possible in as little as 5 years to potentially become a blogging millionaire after launching your side business online. Keep the faith and don’t listen to the naysayers.
  4. Take your phone with you everywhere you go. Have a mind to record video on the spot and take photos daily. Reason being is because people are immediately attracted to image and video when you attach these things to your blog posts. Additionally, when people see image and video in your blogs, you’re more likely to get free advertising from your blog readers by sharing your blog posts on their favorite social networks like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.
  5. No one has to know what you’re doing online. Continue dressing like an everyday person and going about your business as if you had a normal day job. When you start making money online, start dressing more like a bum. This way, you using reverse psychology to throw people off that you’re not getting rich. You can be one of those people walking around dressed like a bum but with $50,000 in play money in your pocket ready to spend on anything as you please. this is possible with blogging as a side hustle.

Remember, when making more money online from your entrepreneurial side hustles, never forget to pay 10% of all your earnings in church in tithes. You must pay tithes because you’re bound by scriptural law. Paying tithes keeps you on the good side of things and will open up more doors of blessings for you to make more money from your blogging side hustle. It may also keep you blessed to the point of never having to apply for another job in life ever again. Follow these directions and you’ll be A+ okay!

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