#SideHustle: Can You Earn a 5 Figure Steadly Monthly Income Using #Blogspot from #Google Using #AffiliateMarketing? Absolutely NOT!

Facts: Everyday people are looking to start a side hustle and work from home as a supplement to their regular jobs or enduring periods of unemployment during the Coronavirus pandemic. Affiliate marketing and blogging is the transformation business solution to getting started online with 0% experience.

A Quora user posted the following question:

Q: How is my blog ? https://all4uvlogspot.blogspot.com/ I have just started blogging. What are some suggestions?

A: The first initial suggestion is to open up a Microsoft Word document or link Google Docs document, copy and paste the blog post already published into MS word or Google Docs. Then, delete the blogspot account.

One thing Google does it tell people directly is that once a blog post is published to blogspot, the content published is indirectly no longer theirs.

Once you’ve deleted your blogspot account and got rid of the blogspot blog, the first additional action step you need to take is the visit the link above to make the first initial action step toward purchasing your own domain name. Once you’ve done that and got your domain name secured, then reserve a dedicated server. The reason for having a dedicated server is so thousands of people on your blog at once will not crash your server. When your dedicated server is secured, ask your web hosting provider to install a self hosted version of WordPress on it.

Now that you’re making power moves toward securing your server, domain name and having a fresh clean installation of WordPress on your dedicated web hosting plan, you need to get in the consistent healthy mindset of writing and publishing “lots and lots of content.” The reason for posting lots and lots of content to your blog at least five days a week is so that you provide meaningful content to your blog readers and help them solve problems or find amicable solutions.

Your blog is your business and if you write for people and not for search engines, you’ll potentially find yourself within 2 to 3 years of earning a five figure monthly income and inch closer to achieving side hustle millionaire status.

Blogging on free blog services is not good for making money online through affiliate marketing and posting blogs. It takes money to make money, except for using YouTube for video marketing which is free of charge. But you still have to purchase a digital camera anyway in order to make money off of the world’s most famous video sharing network.

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Affiliate links are included in all articles. Publisher receives commission when you purchase something. View inspiring content: https://drewrynewsnetwork.com.

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